The road to personal success is the road to self-discovery

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What I do



A personalized 1-on-1 process based on a proven methodology focused on creating the bridge between what you want and where you find yourself now.


Sharing knowledge and learnings from more than 15 years of experience in the field of peak performance and personal development. 


Tools from research and personal experiences on how to keep moving forward towards your goals, from a personal change to a long term project.

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“Marc is an integral professional that creates an effective way of interacting with his clients to achieve the results that they are aiming for.”

Silveria Estupiñan, Regulatory Imformation Control

My Story

Marc Miro is a coach, consultant and international speaker with more than 15 years of experience helping individuals and teams to keep moving forward towards the creation of their dreams, by transforming their existing potential into actions and then results.

There are phases, along each person’s life journey, that because of their impact, direct and clear, end up defining the path that this person is willing to follow. Around ten years ago Marc’s life changed drastically, forcing him to make decisions that for people around him didn’t make much sense but for him were the only way towards creating a life worth living for.

Since then Marc has redifined himself as an entrepreneur, creating business projects, sharing his knowledge and experiences, as an athlete, and as a managmente consultant, not just to help him to achieve his great dream but to influence others to see their path towards the creation of their own dream.

The Power Of Having A Dream (Spanish)

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